Friday, April 11, 2008

This is why I love Clarkson...

...even though he hates America, he still writes stuff like this:

Thirty years ago in South Africa, there was white power. Then there was black power. And now there is no power.

No really. There isn't. The electricity-generating company over there has just announced that the power stations are not capable of meeting demand and that there will be outages for two, three or six hours a day for at least the next seven years.

So far as I can see, no one is asking why this has happened. Everyone suspects it's because the power company, since it took over the reins from De Boer Pik Racist, has been operating a policy of only employing black people. So the whites, the ones who know how to run a power station, have left the job of generating electricity to a bunch of guys who don't know how to.

No one's actually saying that of course. It's a political potato so hot that you're going to get your fingers burned if you even whisper such a thing.