Friday, April 18, 2008

Valour-IT Project Gun - Chapter 1

Well, the first step in my restoration and upgrade of a West German Police (in service date of 1979) SIG-Sauer P6 (A.K.A. p225 for the American Commercial market) has been accomplished.

I managed to snag a set of these grips off eBay for the relatively reasonable amount of $78 plus $5 shipping:

Yes, that is relatively reasonable for grips for this gun; and besides they are really nice looking walnut.

The next step will be to acquire a short trigger (trust me, it GREATLY improves the feel, and the reach, even for big handed guys like me), and a lighter hammer spring. The factory spring is 21 lbs, and is completely unnecessary. You can go down to 17lbs without any issue in reliability; and again, greatly improve the trigger feel.

Now I want input from my readers, and importantly my potential bidders, on what kind of sights to install.

My thoughts are as follows:

XS Express Sight

XS BigDot

TruGlo BrightSight (these are cool, because they use both tritium and fiber optic)

Heine Straight 8

Standard Trijicons

or Meprolights

Note: all are night sights, keeping with my general philosophy on defensive pistols. Really, they're all good choices, just a matter of preference.

Next decision, what to refinish it with, and what colors. Wheee, it's like Barbie for gunnies.