Friday, July 18, 2008

Dammit, I'm not done yet

...with various pieces I'm writing, and various tasks I'm performing that I'll be writing about that is.

I promised a piece on building your own NAS box today (since people have been asking me for one for months), but I didn't get around to actually building the box today, so I can't exactly write about it.. Well I could since I've done it... Oh I dunno a couple hundred times maybe? But it wouldn't be as interesting as writing about what I'm actually doing right then... but anyway.

Tomorrow, we will have had our iPhones for a week. I was originally going to post a review immediately, but I decided on Friday afternoon to give it a few days, so I could live with the phone for a while.

Anyway, That'll be out tomorrow, mid morning or so I hope.

I'm planning on building the NAS box tomorrow, and writing it up over the weekend to be published on Monday.