Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A bit of Windows MetaGeekery

What you're looking at is a picture of my desktop from a little while ago.

What you see here is my desktop (a tri boot Windows Vista, Linux, and Hackintosh) with a GoToMyPC session running to my father in laws PC 90 some miles away (we built him a whole new office network this weekend and he needed some software support), an UltraVNC session to my laptop (in the same room as me) with a virtual image of my work PC running.

What you can't see here (since this is a windows post) are the Solaris and linux VMs that are also currently running on two of these computers, the SSH session to my other Linux box, or the web session to my storage and archive server (a linux based appliance, now doing duty at my father in laws hangar - he's an Airframe and Powerplant mechanic).

I've got to build (and have the hardware sitting and waiting for me to do so) a new storage server (post about that coming tomorrow), and a dedicated hackintosh.

Reminding me thereof, what do people use for remote desktop with their Macs?

At any rate, I'm running 8 boxes from this one login right now (all but two of them in the room with me)... and I suppose I could do like 12, counting just my personally owned systems (obviously I don't count the many many work and customer systems that I could be remotely accessing).