Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Never in life...

...Have I seen such well spread bullshit from an ammo manufacturer... and that's really saying something (actually I'm not sure how much of this ad copy is from the manufacturer, and how much is from CTD):
"DRT is it the Most Accurate Ammo Ever?

This might be it, both in accuracy and terminal ballistics!
This ammo has been hush, hush for over four years. We saw it being tested at the Military Proofing grounds and everyone said, "that is not possible" after they saw the results! The DRT name stands for Dynamic Research Technologies, or as the guys shooting the M24 Sniper Rifles say, "Dead Right There"!

This ammo does the exact opposite of what you would expect. These rounds will shoot through a telephone pole, but it will not shoot through the average house cat. Here is the best part, these are ideal for crowd control, home defense, or close quarter combat, the bullet will hit the target and dissipate inside the target, killing them instantly without going through and injuring an innocent bystander.

How is that possible?
It is in the core. Totally different than anything on the market, a powder, not a solid lead blob, but a fine powder mixture.
Here is how it works;

If you filled a 55 gallon drum with a zillion number 9 shotgun pellets and then shot it out of some space age rail gun with the round spinning at 160,000 RPM, you would have a very deadly round. That is kind of what is happening but, then enters the dynamics of the fine powder! When it hits solid objects like a telephone pole, it stays together and passes right through. When the bullet hits a steel plate it leaves a hole that looks like a cutting torch was used.

The magic occurs on an Organic Target. The fine powder is as fine as talcum powder. When it contacts the organic target, the powder is spinning at such a high rate it instantly disperses, creating a crater in the target resulting in Instant Death. The wounds are typically 5" deep and 5" wide. A full 100% energy dissipation as the bullet totally disappears to invisible dust. Even a .50 caliber round will not penetrate a deer.

The accuracy comes from two attributes; First is extreme attention to detail in the manufacturing process, much greater then even handloads. Second has to do with the powder core. Solid lead cores are never perfect, they are off center or not symmetrical and when spun at 160,000 rpm, they fly off course and then at 1,000 meters your groups never get much better than 10". With the powder core, the material finds its center when spinning, improving the accuracy. Besides, this fine powder is heavier than lead, so a standard weight projectile is smaller offering a lower wind profile and enhanced accuracy.

So guys, this is it. The most accurate ammo we have ever seen; and the most deadly. We have been asked not to tell stories of this ammo being used in the big sand box, but the stories are getting out and the unheard of results have increased demand for this one of a kind - the only ammo you ever need to own, DRT ammunition.

Demand is tight and we only have a few boxes of DRT Ammo to sell."
Ok, aside from the hyperbole, the technology they are talking about is blended metal (which they insist is not sintering, but in reality it pretty much is); and it does work to an extent.

What they do is take a mixture of very fine powdered metals, mix it with a binder of some kind, then form it under extremely high pressure and moderate temperature; to produce a semi-solid mass... like a sandcastle with a little glue mixed in to keep it from blowing away.

When the blended metal bullet impacts a hard surface, the mass remains compacted because it is in effect a non-newtonian fluid (technically it's a colloidal suspension. The metal is suspended in the binder matrix, much like cornstarch and water, where when you slap it hard and fast it feels solid).

When the bullet hits something less rigid however; like other non newtonian fluids, it will act like a standard liquid and disperse... in this case rather rapidly, and the energy has to go somewhere.

So, yes, it is an effective technology within its limits. It is however unproven (sorry guys, the stuff has only been around like 10 years, and not very much of it has hit the field, that's still unproven in the ammo world).

As to the claim of it being "instant kill" and "deadliest in the world", that's total bullshit. Yes, you get a substantial energy dump when the round disintegrates; but it's a shallow (though large) wound cavity; and there are no secondary wound track because the dispersing powder has effectively no mass.

This wounding mechanism CAN produce a very effectively disabling wound, however it can also produce a very messy and painful wound that leaves an assailant fully functional; even with good shot placement. Also, the very design of the round means that it will not break bone under any significant amount of flesh, nor will it penetrate very deeply after punching through bone.

This means that you can forget about the heart as a primary target area. What you want to do here is go for the liver, kidneys, and diaphragm, or the head (it should punch through the bone, and then disrupt the brain quite thoroughly). You MAY get a good disrupting hit on the heart from shock; but you wont get deep penetration to perforate the muscle.

Also, the technology behind it has nothing to do with accuracy; in fact it is more difficult to make a very accurate rifle round with this process (frankly for pistol rounds the kind of tolerances were talking about don't matter much).

Oh and did I mention they are EXPENSIVE.

Obviously there is a lot more materials science and manufacturing technology going into making these bullets. Also the manufacturers (there are only two that I know of... maybe only one, operating under two names even) know they have a very short window of opportunity to maximize their profit before the stuff is no longer the "revolutionary new" and before someone commoditizes the process... and that's presuming it proves to be worthwhile after all is said and done; which is a pretty big, and not very safe presumption.

So, if you want to sell me some, great; I'd love to test it out, even if it is VERY expensive (actually one of the manufacturers offered me the chance to do a factory test a few years ago, but I wasn't able to work out the details.); but please stop trying to dazzle me with mall-ninja bullshit.

Honestly, this ad sounds like the guy down the end of the bar who was totally a SEAL but his records were destroyed and he can't talk about it "but trust me, we used this ammo in asscrackistan and it blew guys legs clean off".

Yeah, you don't want to sound like that guy.