Friday, July 11, 2008

Walk the Line

It's 5:28 am, a time I generally prefer to be asleep; but here I am, awake, and up and about.

It's been raining all night, sometimes quite hard; and Mel and I are on our way, with the girls in tow (they were already awake actually) to get in line for our new jesusphones.

"Too bad there's not an Apple store nearby to go and laugh at the fanboys"... well there is, but it's about 20 miles out of our way.

We picked an ATT store reasonably close by; but a fair distance away from ASU, the apple store, and anyplace particularly trendy. We pre-qualified the other day, and have a ticket waiting to go; we just need to go stand in the line.

Here's hoping our hydrophobic arizonans didnt feel like getting wet.

I may liveblog from the line if anything interesting happens.