Friday, July 25, 2008

The Most Useful Thing I Have Ever Seen on Video

The person who gave this lecture, is an amazing, brilliant, inspiring man; who I would have felt honored to have as a professor. I've had some good ones, and I'm lucky for it; and from what I can see he was one of the best.

I say was, because earlier today, Randy Pausch succumbed to the cancer that he mentioned early in this video.

Several sites have linked to his now famous "Last Lecture" today; a 76 minute talk he gave after he found out about his illness... basically on the subject of how to live your life. Originally I hadn't wanted to post it here, because it WAS everywhere else today, but I've changed my mind; and I'm going to embed it here as well.

I'd watched it when it was first released to the internet some time back, and it is a really great talk. Listen to the man for he knows that which of he speaks.

However, I think that in terms of pure utility, the first video I embedded; has to be the most useful presentation on time management and organization, that I have ever seen (and unfortunately, that's not a small number)... Certainly it's the most fun, and the most interesting.

Watch them both. Yeah, they're long, but there is no question they are worth it.

Oh and just for us gunnies, take a good look at the mans belt.