Friday, January 23, 2009

David Poyer Fans

Hey guys, please tell me that they get better as they go; because I finished "The Med" yesterday; and it was a disjointed, poorly plotted, poorly paced, not very well written book.

The sections focused directly on Lenson were well done; but the rest... Junk.

UPDATE: Got a cople comments i the "sorry you didn't like it" vein, but I think I was a bit unclear.

I see great potential in the story, but the first novel in the series was poorly executed, excepting those portions of it directly relating to Lenson, and in Lensons POV (the book is in first person passive present, and switches back and forth between four POV characters).

My question is, does the writing technique, style, and execution improve, to allow that potential to become something good.