Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Skeptical Environmentalist Follows Up

A few years ago, Bjorn Lomborg wrote a book called "The Skeptical Environmentalist", where he heretically asserted that yes, climate change was a problem; but that it was a much smaller problem than pop culture presented, and that all the offered solutions were ineffective and uneconomical at best.

Basically that we can do a lot better good saving people from malaria, starvation, healthcare and education; for a lot less money.

In this interview with google, he discusses his thesis, and his followup book expanding on that thesis:

Oh and all his numbers come from before the UN IPCC was exposed as fraudulent, and the MAXIMUM impact of whatever elements of anthropogenic global warming are real, was revised from 5 degrees to about .5 degrees. This of course means that the value proposition is 10 times worse than Lomborg already notes.

Also, the ridiculous indoctrination of some of the commenters is amusing.