Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Pop Culture Thought Excercise

So, imagine they are producing a modern 3 stooges Biopic, and you have to cast Larry, Curly, and Mo (not Shemp, Curly Joe, or Joe Besser).

Who would you cast?

Seriously this is tricky. They're going to need to able to play natural physical comedy, as well as drama and depression. Also, they need to be short (Curly was the tallest, at 5'5), but have physical presence. Oh and they're going to need to play a broad age range.

Larry is easy, David Paymer. He not only looks the part, he can sound it too. My only concern is that he might be a little old at this point.

Curly, there are a lot of options; but I'd love Michael Chiklis in the role (update: apparently he played Curly in a 2000 tv movie that I didn't know about. So I guess I'm not the only one).

The hard one is Mo, and I'm really having a hard time with it.

I think Jason Alexander could pull it off, but he's just too... small isn't the word, maybe pinched? I mean he's short (5'5 just like the boys) and broad, but he doesn't have a broad presence. Like he's wound up too tight.

Actually... thinking of it, Alexander could probably play any one of the three; but he's not "just right" for any of them.

Wallace Shawn could probably pull it off; and he's just one of my favorite actors on the planet; but he's just a little TOO short.

Paul Giamatti maybe? He's another one of my favorite actors, and he's relatively short at 5'8; and again he could probably play any one of the three... maybe not Curley, but definitely either larry or moe... still not sure he's "just right" though.

I dunno I'd have to think about it some more, and I'm not going to bother right now.

Who'd y'all pick?

Oh and if I were to cast for Shemp, my ideal choice as a performer would be Richard Kind; but for the fact that he's too tall.