Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hell Has Frozen Over

The second (or maybe third) worst team in NFL history, is going to the superbowl.

Why do I say the second (or maybe third) worst?

Well, they are the oldest franchise, and have never been in a superbowl for one. in the pre-superbowl era they never won a league championship; and as of today, have won their only conference championship in 110 years...

Though to be fair they have won their division five times, this year being the only time since 1975.

They have the second most seasons at .500 or under (behind the New Orleans Saints), the fewest playoff appearances (it was the second fewest, but the Saints have been on a roll these past few seasons), and until this year, haven't made it past the first round of the playoffs in the superbowl era. They have finished last in the league more than anyone except the Saints.

The only reason I list them as second worst, is because the Saints have lost even more, and won even less. They're maybe third, because of course, this year the Detroit Lions proved it was possible to lose all 16 regular season games; a feat no other team has ever managed (Tampa Bay lost 14 when the season was only 14 games long however).

Arizona is where good players get drafted to, so they can can build their numbers up to ask for more money from their next team; and where formerly good, washed up players go instead of retiring, when their ex-wives need more alimony.

Arizona went 9-7 this year, and are in the superbowl; when New England, at 11-5 did not even make the playoffs.

Such is football. Any given Sunday.

So how are Arizonans feeling right now?

It's not joy, or happiness... though I 'spose the Cards few hundred fans will feel that a bit later... No, it's UTTER SHOCK AND AMAZEMENT.