Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cookbook Updates

Well crap.

The printing press we'd originally chosen (and whose estimate we based our costs on) has changed (doubled) their estimate. In response to this, we've gone shopping for other estimates.

I've learned something about the printing business in the process. For example, I've found that:
  • The phrase "I'd like to self-publish and I'm looking for quotes" apparently means "I have tons of money, no sense, and would like to be shafted."
  • "I'd like a quote on printing my own cookbook" means "I'm too stupid to find a publisher and too stupid to shop around."
  • When a printer says, "No money upfront" that really means "kiss your book rights goodbye."
I'm a little disillusioned at this moment.

However, there are still good options out there and we've come up with a viable solution.

So we've recalculated all of our costs (printing, shipping, etc.) and we've come up with some numbers.

In order to start a print run, we need 200 preorders. In order to make profit on the print run, we need to sell 500 copies. To pay off our legal bills we need to sell 1500 copies altogether, hard copy and e-book combined.

We're currently at 23 copies sold.

Keep those orders coming.