Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Three Fer for Buy A Gun Day

Or sort of a Three-Fer anyway.

Yesterday was of course Buy A Gun (BAG) Day here in the good old U.S.A; coterminous with, not coincidentally, tax day.

In celebration and protest of this, we bought two guns, sold one to someone as their BAG day gun, and gave one away.

First, Mel appropriated my P3AT, because it's the only thing we have that she can carry without a cover garment or purse, so I needed a new pocket carry gun.

My next post will cover my new carry gun, along with some nice pics.

The other two guns are sort of a special case.

Our friend and my co-worker, a single woman and inexperienced shooter (she is an army vet, but shes 20 years out, and has only shot a few times in the last few years) recently bought a house.

Well, we sold her one of our guns (the custom HK USP compact .45 with night sights. She prefers autos to revolvers), a couple of different holsters and four spare mags, as her personal defense gun, and BAG day gun.

We also suggested she needed to get a shotgun for her house, with which she wholeheartedly agreed.

As it happens, her birthday is Saturday.

So, JohnOC, Mel and I got together and bought her a Mossberg 500a persuader for her home defense shotgun, second BAG day gun, and birthday present.

Is there any better gift than the tools of self defense, and self reliance?