Monday, April 06, 2009

For the two thirds of my readers...

Who stop reading blogs sometime Thursday afternoon, don't start again until Monday morning; and don't bother reading what they missed over the weekend; here's a list of the posts I wrote during my unusually productive weekend.

I started a new series of posts called "Getting to where we want to be":


Part 1 - Goals

Part 2 - Broke Down

Patellar straps (a followup on broke down)

Here's where I bitch about getting a new CrackBerry

Finally, here's a post I wrote about the nature of Boston liberalism, and the failure of the Boston Globe.

For the rest of my readers who DO read over the weekend: Sorry, it was a ridiculously busy day at work today and the content I'm working on is long, and requires a lot of intellectual time energy I don't have right now.

I'll be back later with fun and interesting stuff.