Thursday, April 02, 2009

Getting to where we want to be - Part 1: Goals

As I said in the introduction to this series, my wife and I are not where we want to be in life right now; and we've decided to make a co-ordinated effort to get to where we want to be as quickly and effectively as possible.

Of course, in order to get where you want to be in life; you need to figure out exactly where it is that you want to be, where you are, and then how best to get from one to the other.

So first, where exactly are we right now?
  1. Health and Body: Fact is, we're not doing so hot there. We're both overweight, I've got a lot of injuries, bad knees etc... Mel has some emotional health issues, and we've both got iffy eyes.

    On the upside, all of those things can be dealt with.

  2. Work and Money: We're a bit better off there. I've got a great job with a lot of flexibility in location, and very solid earning potential. Mel is also currently working for the fedgov, though that's only going to be for 18 months or so.

    On the downside, we haven't been able to save... basically anything... over the past few years. Legal bills have eaten whatever savings we had.

  3. Family: The girls are doing very well in school, they've got friends, we've got supportive family... things are generally great.

    On the downside, we are still not clear of the custody issue. That means more legal bills, and that we can't move anywhere until it's resolved.

  4. House and home: Where we live, is not where we want to live. We like our house and our neighborhood, but we don't want to live anywhere near a major urban area; and we want land.

  5. Education: Mel would like to finish her degree, and I periodically toss around the idea of a masters.

    Also, we would both like to get more and better education in more practical matters. I'd like to get re-certified as an EMT, or maybe even a paramedic, and Mel is considering the same. We'd both like to take classes in various skills that would be useful around the home we'd like to have.
So, where do we want to be then?

  1. Health and Body: Mel and I both want to lose weight. I need to do something about my knees. We both want eye surgery.

  2. Work and Money: The job situation is very good, we just need to be able to pay off whatever debt we have left (mostly the legal bills) and then save as much as we can as fast as we can.

  3. House and Home: This is the biggie. We are planning on changing states, and changing lifestyles. We want some land, outside of any major urban area, but with relatively easy access to one (for medical care, and for work).

  4. Education: That one is still fizzy. We both know there are thigns we want to do, but I think they're more likely to settle and come togheter after we make the other big changes we want.
So, the rest of this series is going to be talking about how we plan to get from where we are, to where we want to be.