Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Speaking Truth to Power

I'm not one for explicitly mixing military command, and religiosity (which is different from personal religion or faith); as Boykin is known for doing. I'm also loathe to use CBN as a source, given some of the things they've broadcast in the past...

But this man is speaking the unvarnished truth.

If there's a man on this planet who knows a terrorist when he sees one, and how to deal with him; it's Jerry Boykin.

There's a lot more to Boykins background than what they briefly mention in this segment.

Look at the mans record (what parts of it are publicly available anyway. There's enough there that a bright boy should be able to figure it out).

For almost 40 years, this mans life has utterly revolved around two things: God, and counter-terrorism. The fact that he sees these two things as explicitly linked may disturb some sensibilities, but it does not invalidate his knowledge and experience.

If for some reason you want to discount what this man is saying because of his religious views, or how he chooses to express them... You're a damn fool.