Friday, December 25, 2009

Something that actually make Echo , and RSS, worthwhile to me

... and a substitute for my comments view all at the same time...

In addition to the ability to subscribe to individual comment RSS feeds; Echo creates a comment feed, for ALL comments on all posts, automatically; for as far as I can tell, all blogs it runs on.

This comment feed actually gives me back the view I used to have of all my comments, rather than being stuck with the "moderate" interface.

It's so useful to me, I'm finally going to switch to using an RSS reader; rather than my longstanding practice of opening all my blog and news sites, in new tabs in firefox or chrome (I prefer seeing the formatting, sidebars etc... that site owners put on their sites).

I'm going to google reader for now, just because it is accessible wherever I go without any additional software, and without any additional subscriptions or memberships required. Plus it works fine on the iPhone, and Blackberry (and android too, though I don't have an android device... yet).

I've already gone and put the feeds in for all 150+ blogs, comics, and news sites I read on a regular basis. PITA, but with the awesome bar on firefox, less of one than it used to be.