Saturday, December 12, 2009

We have another new family member

This is Wash, and his coat is brown.

Wash is definitely a Rottweiler Doberman mix, but there may be some German Shepherd, and some Pit in him as well. He's got characteristics from all four, and that's what the shelters vets guessed at.

He's a rescue, and was SEVERELY abused. You can't see from the pics, but there are some scars on his side from what appear to be shotgun pellets; and his paws have been badly hurt at some point.

He's about 8 months old, cut, housebroken, and has all his shots. He's also extremely nervous, from the abuse.

A young guy from one of the local shooting forums had another dog (you can see him in the corner of the picture above), and his girlfriend (after being told not to) decided to bring him home a friend to play with.

Unfortunately, they live in a small townhouse with no real yard; and this boy is a runner and a jumper. Combined with the previous abuse making his behavior a bit odd, and the other dog... he was just miserable.

So, they decided it was better if they find another home for him.

...but... because of his breed mix, they couldn't get anyone to take him. He hits every "no no list" on everybodys leases and homeowners associations (including their own, which is one reason the girlfriend was told not to bring him home).

We really don't need another dog but...

When he couldn't get anyone to take him for a few weeks, it came down to bringing him back to the shelter to be put to sleep or...

Y'all know, I've got a soft spot for the politically incorrect breeds...

Well, Wash is with us now.

He's got a pack, he can run and play, he has a family...

And he's HAPPY.