Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Thousand Yard Conspiracy - Sidebar: Roadmap for the thousand yard conspiracy posts

Ok, so with "the Thousand Yard Conspiracy" I'm in the middle of a LONG series here, that I started over a year ago.

As of right now, I've got a half dozen more long posts queued up over the next couple weeks.

They've all kinda been percolating for about a year now; but I haven't had the time or focus necessary to finish them.

I took the rest of the year off work as a vacation (to use up my extra vacation days so I wouldn't lose them mostly); and I'm actually going to have time to finish them now.

At any rate, I'm doing a detailed post on value scopes for long range (including direct price and feature comparisons), and another detailed post on high end scopes for long range in the same vein.

I think I'll pop the value scope post out today actually.

Somewhere in there I'm going to include a fair bit (maybe as its own post, maybe in one of the other posts) on the physics of optics and why you buy what you do. That one may only be of interest to me, and some astronomy geeks; but it's nice to know WHY your stuff works (or doesn't work) the way it does.

I'm also doing a post on spotting scopes and rangefinders for long range shooting.

On the other side of things, I've got about 3/4 written, a post comparing the ballistics and long range shooting potential of .30-06, .308, 7mm magnum, .300 win mag, .300 rum, .300 lapua (aka .30-378), .338 lapua, .408 CheyTac, .416 Barrett, and .50bmg.

As I have no direct experience with the .300 Lapua or the .416 Barrett, i'm going to be going off published data only for them; but I've fired all the other chamberings MANY times (and own or have owned rifles in all but .338 lapua, .300 rum, and .408 CheyTac - who I won't deal with because of their anti-civilian ownership rhetoric), and have first hand experience with at least 600 yard shooting with all of them.

That's going to be a HUGE damn post, why bother? Well first, a BUNCH of people have been asking about .300rum and .338 lapua, as compared to my choices of .308 win and .300 win mag. Also, a few have asked "why not .30-06", or "why not .7mm mag"?

Good points all, so I decided to run the numbers.

Then a few people started mentioning how they were goig to go to a .50cal, or one of the big .40s for 1000 yards... and on my "gunnies christmas list" post from a few days ago, I noted that I wanted another .50 (I had one and had to get rid of it), saying":

"A high precision .50bmg bolt gun.

Yes I know the big 40s (.416 barret, .408 CheyTac etc...) are better, I just want a .50.

I had one once, for a while, but had to get rid of it. I want another one."

I started thinking about it, and decided I wanted to write about just exactly how much long range performance you were going to get from each cartridge.

Anyway, I think I'll put that post up on Monday; since no-one bothers to read long posts on Fridays.

Just be warned, I think it's going to go over 10,000 words.

Finally, I'm going to put up a couple posts updating the main thread of the story, the 1000 yard rifle; and also another rifle that I'm building up alongside it.

Not all of those posts will come out in the next 18 days, but maybe five of them will, maybe six...

For one thing, I don't plan on spending my entire vacation writing. For another, my readers can only take so many 5000+ word posts a week (as in one, or maybe two at most).

Also, if there's anything else y'all think I'm missing, let me know. If it fits in somewhere, I'll stick it in there.