Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Some Unexpected Recognition

So, we had our monthly "all hands" meeting for our division at work today; and I hadn't expected much out of it (how useful is a conference call with a couple hundred people on it right?), but I dutifully dialed in.

And for a change, I'm glad I did.

Now, I've mentioned a few times this year the kind of pressure we've been under, and how... interesting... this year has been.

Well, throughout the year, I've received a few "excellent performance" and "exemplary service" type awards. You know, the usual corporate stuff with a lucite trophy, and a $50 gift card etc...

I got four of them last quarter alone actually.

Well, this meeting they announced that I had won the BIG award. The top award any employee of our organization can get; and which only a couple hundred of our 250,000 employees get every year.

Wow... I wasn't expecting this. That's great.

The award is a gold coin and in years past you got a trip to an employee recognition conference someplace nice, a $5000 bonus, and 5 extra days of vacation.

Last year the trip was supposed to be to Vegas; but because of the Obama administrations banking bonus B.S. the trip was canceled. Everyone still got the $5000 and the 5 extra days PTO though.

Anyway, this year no-one is sure what is going to happen with a trip or the bonus money, because of Obama and congress; so I'm not sure what the award/bonus will actually be, and no-one seems to be able to tell me.

This year the trip was supposed to be to Hawaii, but I'm betting it's canceled again. Plus, I already get 20 days of PTO, plus the 5 days I carried over from last year and will carry over again this year, that I can never manage to use.

Theoretically, the extra PTO alone is a few thousand bonus... but if I couldn't use 20, or 25, what the hell am I going to do with 30? Take every friday off all year maybe? Not that I'd turn it down of course... it's just, I'm not really a "takes lots of long vacations" kind of guy.

Also, the award comes with another perk: If you are a bonus eligible employee (I am), it automatically makes you eligible for 125% of your normal bonus (presuming you meet your personal goals, and your group, and division make their goals. Thankfully, that is the case).

So if the company gives bonuses this year (and they'd damn well better), instead of a 15% bonus (times whatever adjustment they make based on company performance. Last year it was 85%, but this year we've exceeded all our goals, including our earnings per share target, so we should get 100%) I would get an 18.75% bonus.

Actually, technically speaking, because we exceeded all our goals by at least 10%, and because my evaluations were all 5 out of 5 this year, and because of the gold coin; theoretically I could get a maximum 150% bonus, but I don't think that has ever happened.

At any rate, I'll get at least an extra few thousand out of the deal, and maybe as much as an extra $13k (between the extra week of PTO, the $5k, and the 125% bonus).

Honestly though, yes, I'd love the $5 grand etc... it really is just nice to get the recognition.