Friday, December 11, 2009

A Gunnies Christmas List

So, I've been eversoslowly compiling this list of various gunny items I'd love to get from Santa, since last year around this time.

I figured now was as good a time as any to publish it.

Now, this is my "real world" list, not my "I've just won the lottery" or "all gun laws are repealed" lists. This is the stuff that, over time, I intend to acquire and accumulate on my own, without any extraordinary circumstances.

It's not exactly complete... A few weeks ago it was like 13 or 14 items, and I keep adding more as I think about it. But it's a snapshot of my "Oooh I'd really like that" mental space as it is right now.

Also, I'm leaving off all Class III/Title II items for now... That list is about as extensive, and WAY more expensive than this one.

Also I'm leaving gear off except for optics; because that list is even longer (and shockingly, even more expensive) than the Class III list.

So, other than the first half dozen items (which are all related to each other); here is, presented in no particular order, my gun "lust list" as of December 2009:
  1. To finish my 1000 yard rifle. Absolutely my first priority for guns right now.

    I've got the receiver, now I need a trigger, a barrel in .300wm (threaded for a brake and a can), bottom metal (I'm still trying to decide on that one), a stock, and a bi-pod.

    I've decided on most of what I'm getting, but I'm still waffling a bit on some bits. A new blog post about this should be out next week actually.

  2. Glass for the 1000 yard rifle. I'm waffling between spending $1600-$1800 on a Night Force, or finding the $2600-3200 to spend on a Schmidt and Bender (the 5-25x56 PMII I really want lists at $3900, but you can get it for as low as $3200. The slightly lower end 4-16x50 can be had for as low as $2600).

    On the one hand a NF will most likely do everything I need it to do, and will be $800-$1400 less than the S&B. On the other hand... you just have to look through an S&B to believe it.

    Yes, the S&B is as much as $1400 more (presuming the dollar doesn't fall any worse... and it probably will); but when you look through it, you can see where that extra money went.

    I may end up splitting the difference, with something like the Premier Reticles 5-25x56 at around $2700, or a USO SN-3 5-25x58 at about the same price.

    Again, a new blog post will be out about this next week.

  3. To finish my mountain rifle, including glass

    And yet again, a post on that will also be coming next week.

  4. Once the 1000 yard, and mountain guns are completed, I want to build clones of them in .300wsm, and .308.

    Then I want to put different, good glass on each of them, to test the various good glass out there at long ranges and under various recoils etc...

    Ok, yes, this one is a bit pie in the sky... and god knows it will cost a mint... but eventually I WILL do it.

  5. An 80mm or 100mm extended definition spotting scope from a decent manufacturer

    Celestron will do, but if I can scrape the budget, I'll be going higher end.

  6. A 1200 or 1500 yard capable (honest range) laser range finder. Probably the Leica, but there are some other decent and capable options now.

  7. A new buckmark, with a 1-12 threaded heavy barrel, to use with my suppressor.

  8. A Smith and Wesson k-22, or K-17. One, just because I want one, but two, to train new shooters with.

  9. A better stock, threaded heavy barrel, and trigger for my 10-22

  10. A REALLY nice .22LR boltie, with a 1-12 threaded heavy barrel, and a GOOD stock (Kimber, or CZ would work)

  11. A 4" 1911 in 10mm to go with my 5". I don't need a full on custom for this, a Dan Wesson would do nicely.

  12. If someone is crazy enough to make one, a 3" 10mm to go with the 4" would be lovely... Maybe make the slide with tungsten inserts or something.

    I'm sure it can be done, given that Glock builds the G29 (though it is a 3.75" barrel, the gun is about officers model size); but no-one is mad enough to build one at the moment.

    Unfortunately, I don't LIKE the g29, and I'd really like a baby 1911 in 10mm.

  13. A fully built up hi-power (maybe a Loughridge, a Novak, or another Yost).

    I want mine finished in black-t, in 9mm, with a beavertail and skeleton hammer, night sights (fixed are fine), ultra slim grips, beveled magwell (don't need a big flare, just internal smoothing), a barsto barrel, all the edges and bits polished and chamfered, and a REALLY nice trigger.

    Something like the C&S pathfinder, or one of Novaks beavertail customs would work just fine.

  14. A pair of new tactical 12 gauges, one pump, one semi.

    I haven't really decided on what I want there... except that I probably want the Knoxx stock (now made by Blackhawk) so they'll probably end up being Remingtons.

    That said, the current Benellis and Berettas are really something... And personally, I've always been a fan of the speedfeed Winchesters (the 12, 1200, and 1300, and still made as the FN police)... It's too bad they kinda ruined it with the revisions of the SXP.

  15. A pair of S&W 386's, a 3"-4" and one a 5-6"... though I don't think they ever made the 386 in a barrel longer than 4".

    I was an idiot for selling mine 5 years ago, and I want to replace it, and give it a brother.

  16. A pair of S&W 610s, one 4" one 6"... yeah I know, good luck on that one.

    Maybe I'll stumble across one, one of these days. Or maybe S&W will fulfill my dreams and make them in 3" and 5" for a single production run... or miracle of miracles, do them as 310s in scandium.

    I doubt it, but a man can dream.

  17. A pair of S&W model 25s or 625s in .45 colt: One in 3-4" and one in 5-6".

    Or even better, both as 325s (which they don't make in .45 colt). Unfortunately, the 25 and 625 in .45colt are limited production runs once every few years.

  18. A pair of 325s in 45acp, one in 3" one in 5", to go with my 5" 625

  19. A pair of double action revolvers in .454, one in 2-3" and one in 5-6".

    Yes I know that's wasting the potential energy of the chambering, since even an 8" barrel doesn't give maximum velocity; I just don't like the handling characteristics of revolvers with barrels longer than 6".

    I'm pretty much limited to the Super Redhawk on this one, since the Raging Bull has an irritating tendency to shoot itself rattly within a few thousand rounds (sometimes just a few hundred); and yes, I plan on shooting it that much.

    I have a full case of .45 colt, and a full case of heavy .454s waiting for me to get another one. Again, I was stupid and sold mine (a Super Redhawk) about 5 years back.

  20. A double action revolver OTHER THAN THE X FRAME, in .460xvr.

    Yes I know no-one is making one yet. Maybe I can get it done custom, but the damn cartridges are so long I don't know if any other frame will handle it... I just don't like the feel of the X-Frame.

  21. A short (call it 18" barrel), large loop, stainless, lever gun in .460 xvr.

    Again I know no-one is making one right now... and that one I DON'T understand, because it would be a perfect round for a lever gun; and the pressures are no higher than the other thumpenblitzenboomers they are chambering some levers in.

    I think it's nearly ideal. All the energy of a lightly loaded 7mm magnum, in a lightweight, relatively short range, smasher of a load; and all in a handy lever guns... Oh and able to share ammo with a sidearm? Yes please.

  22. A short, large loop, stainless lever gun in .45-70.

    I want a .45-70 anyway, and I want a handy, stainless, large loop lever gun in a big hitter short range chambering.

    Importantly, unlike the .460, it's actually available now (the Marlin stainless guide gun, or the 1895sbl); and with some of the modern loads available in .45-70, the performance is far more than acceptable.

  23. A high precision .50bmg bolt gun.

    Yes I know the big 40s (.416 barret, .408 CheyTac etc...) are better, I just want a .50.

    I had one once, for a while, but had to get rid of it. I want another one.

  24. A stainless Encore, with barrels in .223, 6.8spc, .308, .300 whisper, .300wsm, .300wm, .460xvr (which covers .45 colt and .454), and .45-70.

    That's my load development, and all purpose backup gun.

  25. AR uppers in 9mm, 10mm, .45acp, 6.8spc, .300 whisper, and either .458 socom, or .50 beowulf (I haven't decided yet).

    What can I say, I like my "barbie for men" guns.
So, that's about it for now... And yes, it really is "for now", since I'm sure I'll be adding more to the already... what, something like $60,000 or so list?

Feel free to share yours, or ideas for mine, or how mine is entirely crackheadedly wrong etc... in comments.