Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shop Talk, Part 1 - 672 Square Feet

By Friday, this 24 foot by 28 foot space:

Will be cleaned up, reorganized, and laid out as my new workshop.

672 Square feet downstairs, plus another 400 square feet or so of usable space upstairs (properly structured, insulated, floored, but not fully finished). Right now there's a good bit of lumber and other random storage up there.

Actually, as laid out, the downstairs has more like 16x26 plus 4x24 usable (512 square feet) clear floor space; giving clearance to the stairs, doors, the wall without the benches, and the benches themselves (which are firmly lag screwed to the wall, and run 22 foot along it. The side door, utility service, and a built in cabinet taking up the rest).

And it looks like whoever built the benches, had a radial arm saw there.

The garage is a pretty good space, with LOTS of outlets. It's got a double or quad 120v box every four feet around the walls; plus six light fixtures. They're on four circuits in a 100 amp separate service from the house... ... But they didn't put a SINGLE 240 drop in the entire garage.

Five 240 circuits in the main house (two in the utility room one to the hot tub, one to the oven, and one to the cooktop), not one in the garage... Which will be corrected shortly.

Now... to figure out the layout... Gotta find a good floorplanning tool.