Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Family Emergency

Earlier this morning we got a phone call from a trauma center in Arizona. My father in law (who is 68) was riding his motor scooter on a secondary highway, when he was struck by an oncoming car.

They airlifted him to the regiona trauma center in Scottsdale (about 40 miles from the accident site). He is severely injured, but as of 9am, he is awake, alert, and responsive.

He is currently listed as stable, and is undergoing additional neuro and physio diagnostics. There may be some major musculo-skeletal injury in the hips and legs; as well as some minor injuries to the upper body and head. He was wearing a helmet, but apparently it came off during the accident.

We are monitoring the situation as best we can from here in Idaho... There's a lot of family chaos at the moment. We'll know more in a couple of hours.

Thank you all for your support and concern. You'll excuse me if there are some long delays in getting back to people today etc...

Update: We have more news, some good some not, about my father in law