Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lost... Meh... Glee... Yeah!

So Lost ended this week, with what has to be the STUPIDEST, laziest, most ridiculous ending of a series in all of history.

Meh... I never liked Lost in the first place. Theres a difference between thickly plotted, and "needless complication and misdirection because you don't know what else to write".

I have however discovered that I like Glee.

I like the scripts. I like the unashamedly stereotyped afterschool special caricatures as characters. I LOVE the music.

Yes, I am the worlds gayest straight man. I love broadway, I love showtunes, I love musicals, I love 80s pop and classic rock performed by a show choir...

I WAS one of those kids from sixth grade through graduation (and I played football, and wrestled. I broke the high school caste system).

We even had a kid much like "Kurt Hummel", by the name of Blair White... Yes, a boy named Blair who spoke with a girls voice, and dressed in feminine clothes. Nice kid... He's on my facebook friends list. I think he lives in Provincetown now (though he wasn't in the "select performing chorus", he was just in the full chorus).

Reminding me thereof, I love the references and obscure they stick into the script.

Oh and Kristen Chenoweth is 4 foot 10 inches of FABULOUS...

...Like I said, worlds gayest straight man.