Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Mothers Day

Yesterday, we bucked the typical mothers day brunsh trend, and instead went out to lunch.

We went to a great little boat up place a little further south down the lake... This was Mels first experience with a restaurant right on the water like that, and she's been wanting to go since we got down here, but they hadn't opened up for the season til this week.

So, when we walked in the door, there were thousands of framed photos of patrons, some famous, some not; most with fish... but the most interesting were these:

... Our kind of place eh?

Especially when you see that THIS was the view from our lunch table:

Then for dinner, we decide to go out again sparing anyone from cooking; and I picked out another place right on the water... This time literally ON the water; a floating restaurant on Lake Coeur D'Alene (about 45 minutes south of us).

Again, a spectacular view seems to me a wonderful sauce for a supper:

That was the view out the window at our table, about three feet off the water.