Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Reality Deficit Disorder

RDD is a real, identifiable disorder characterized by:
* Irresponsible behavior
* Lack of understanding of cause and effect
* Lack of general necessary life skills
* Unreasonable expectations, informed by TV, movies, internet, books, and popular culture
* Lack of impetus to grow a pair and become an adult

I suffer/ used to suffer from RDD, and I am not alone. Entire generations suffer from RDD, with readily identifiable symptoms such as:
* Inability to mature (still living with parents, can’t balance a checkbook)
* Strong convictions concerning how “things should be” (if we stop terrorizing people there will be no terrorists!)
* Entitlement issues (but you have to give me an easy, high paying job!)
* Lack of perspective (this is just like the Holocaust!)
* Inability to prioritize
* Persecution complex (those evil blanks are out to get me!)

RDD is caused by (duh) a lack of reality! More specifically, an inability to perceive reality or distinguish reality from art and subterfuge.

There is a treatment for RDD. It consists of:

    1. Admitting that reality does not come from a screen or a page.
    2. Taking responsibility for your actions and the consequences thereof.
    3. Going outside your own front door and experiencing the world through you own senses.
    4. Practicing cause and effect through your own actions, with no safety net (i.e. getting a job, keeping track of your own money, supporting yourself).
    5. Developing critical thinking skills, and actually USING YOUR BRAIN.
    6. Admitting to yourself that no one has all the answers, including YOU.