Friday, December 03, 2010

Well, the good news is, I lost 25 pounds...

Actually 24.4 according to my fairly accurate scale (I get the same reading three times in a row... best I can do right now); but I figure a little rounding never hurt anyone.

The bad news... there's always bad news... is why and how.

So, for a few months, I've been experiencing peripheral edema; because of the hormone fluctuations basically, plus being overweight, and sitting in a chair for 8+ hours a day etc...

If you've never felt it, it's not particularly pleasant... Kinda like your limbs are overstuffed sausages.

When it gets bad, it become so painful you can't stand, or walk, or put shoes on, or socks, or even have a sheet resting on your feet (gout sufferers know the feeling as well).

I've actually had general edema as well, around the face, eyes, neck etc... but that hasn't been as bad. Just makes me look puffy. It's also probably why I've suddenly started experiencing apnea, after years of never having a problem.

The testosterone therapy made the edema MUCH worse. It was a little uncomfortable before, but after the injections started, there were days it was genuinely painful.

Along with that of course was huge water retention, and weight gain. I actually gained 40lbs in one month, on a 2000-2400 calorie a day diet; basically all from excess water retention (yes, that's 5 gallons of excess water).

Finally, yesterday, it was pretty bad. My feet looked like summer sausages, and they HURT. We went out to eat after running some errands that had me on my feet for a while, and it was so bad I had to take my shoes, and my socks off at the restaurant, or the pain was too much for me to eat.

So after we finished dinner, I squeezed my sockless feet back into my "loose" slip on shoes (they were loose and comfy when I bought them) and went to urgent care. The doc gave me scrip for Lasix, a rather powerful diuretic; 80mg every 24 hours.

I've been on them for 20 hours, and net, even after lunch, and all that I've drunk (about a gallon between water, fruit juice, and diet soda... which is actually light for me) I have lost 24.4 lbs.



24.4 lbs in one day, lost using diuretics.

Yes, I've urinated over 20 times in that 24 hour period. I was up all night pissing the edema away (seriously. I was up til 4 peeing every half hour, then I woke up at 7).

Can you say hypermicturation anyone?

Yes, seriously, 24.4 pounds. Yes, I know, that's 3 gallons. Actually more; because I've drunk about a gallon of liquids, and had a sandwich for lunch... Call it another 8-9 lbs.

4 gallons...

I've slowed down a bit, now I'm only going once an hour, maybe once per 90 minutes.

Honestly, I think I've got a good 60lbs of excess water in me... or did when I started. I'm guessing I can get rid of all the excess in a week or two on these things... now if we can just figure out how to stop it from happening again.