Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Back to the docs today...

To follow up on the edema.

My regular doc is on vacation this week, so I got a new guy, who I quite like actually. He was rather concerned by how much fluid I had retained, and my rapid and repeated weight fluctuation in general.

He put me on 80mg of Furosemide (generic for Lasix) daily, plus Klor-con to prevent potassium deficiency (a common side effect of diuretics). He also ordered liver and kidney panels, a protein test, and a heart ultrasound, just to make sure nothing worse is going on.

Finally, he said he'd follow up with the pituitary specialist endocrinologist, to see if he could speed up the process getting in to see them, and to get an LHAP MRI.

So, the "process" moves on another step.