Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Worth a listen...

I've always likes Staind, one of the best bands of their genre (hard to classify other than "emotional hard rock"), and particularly of their cohort that broke out in the late 90s and early 2000s. They're a Massachusetts band, and are probably most closely associated with another Mass band, Godsmack (with a similar sound, if a totally different feel; both play low dropped tunings, and mostly slower grooves...).

Critically though, they aren't and never really were, a Boston band. They came out of the semi-rural area of Mass south of Springfield.

That part of the state, it really is country. It's relatively affluent well educated country, but otherwise you could be anywhere in the Appalachians, or inland northwest, in terms of both culture and geography.

People from western Mass most definitely don't identify with Boston... in fact most folks from western Mass actively dislike and avoid the entire state east of Worcester, except for shopping and the airport.... and frankly, a lot of folks would rather go into New York than to Boston (Pittsfield is only about 25 miles from Albany, and about 125 from both Manhattan and Boston).

TO give you an idea of the difference, most of western Mass is covered by the 1st congressional district; which was represented by a Republican continuously from 1857 to 1991; and when John Oliver retires or dies, most likely will be again (no-one will EVER challenge him.

As it happens, I've got a lot of family out there, in North Adams, Pittsfield, Dalton etc...

At any rate, I can see where this song came from:

Not everyone in rock is a leftist idiot, that's for sure; even the ones from Massachusetts.