Friday, October 21, 2011

For which I am grateful

I am grateful for...

My life... in so many ways. I never expected to make it this far; I have no business having done so, and that I have is a miracle

My wife, who puts up with me, who loves me, who holds me up, who needs me as much as I need her

My kids, even though they aren't here right now; without them, what's the point?

My family, who have made me much of who I am; good and ill, strong and sensitive, cruel and kind, hard and loving...

My friends, who are no less my family; and to whom I owe so much... who keep me alive and vital and here

My mind, for all it allows me to be and do; think decide and act; to listen, to read, to speak, to argue, to learn, to know...

My heart, which allows me to give, love, and endure. Love given without condition doesn't deplete, even if unreturned, it grows

My strength, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and mental. I have needed them all, so much... tested them all, so much

My will, the foundation of all that is inherent to me. Without my will I could not stand up, walk, or carry my load.

My nation, which I have proudly served, and which has served me in so many ways. I have received far more than I've given

My god, for enlightening my soul, strengthening my will, for wisdom and acceptance; for 
mans nature, both free and striving

My experience; hard, and easy, good and bad; which came from of all the above. I wouldn't trade it, any piece, for any thing

I could not live without any of them. I wouldn't be here without all of them.

Thank you all, for being you, for being with me... for being.