Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back under 400, for a minute...

Well, good news, i have dipped back down to my four year low level of 396lbs.

For a minute.

Saturday I was under 400. Sunday I was back up to 412. Monday back down to 403 etc... etc...

Unfortunately, my weight volatility continues unabated; going up 18lbs one day, down 12 the next and so forth.

If there was some kind of logic to it, I would be less irritated; but it seems to happen no matter what dosage of medication I'm on, how much I eat or drink, what I eat or drink etc...

It's a pain, literally. Gaining 18lbs in one day means tissues are swelling rather dramatically. Usually tissues in my fingers, toes, large joints, and face. Very uncomfortable.

But it means I am, once again, making progress.

Another 40 or so pounds, and I can have my cancer surgery... probably 60lbs actually, just to make sure that my weight fluctuations don't put me back over 360. At this rate, that'll be 4-6 months.