Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Football is finally getting interesting this season

This was a weekend full of interesting games, including one hell of a performance by Dallas, coming just short of beating the Patriots at home.

The Cowboys offenses didn't really step up, but their defense... On the other side, the Pats defense sucked ass; and Brady compensated for it.

Such is the way of things.

The cowboys defense played INCREDIBLY. No-one has held Brady to under 30 points in TWO SEASONS. Not only that, but they pulled two interceptions and three sacks (and two of the three forced a punt), and this was on a day when the Pats line was playing well. That was one hell of a defensive performance.

The problem was, Brady played up to his level; while Romo didn't.

The Cowboys didn't capitalize on the poor performance of the Patriots defense. Plain and simple. Too many 3 and outs. Not enough clutch conversions. Too many little mistakes.

The interception count was certainly unusual. Brady is historically one of the least intercepted quarterbacks; particularly among the heavy passers... but you have to actually capitalize on a turnover to win a game.

If you want to know exactly why the 'boys lost Sunday, look at the stats. On most thing the two teams were either in a dead heat, or Dallas was a bit ahead... but the critical issue was third down conversions. Cowboys were 4/12, Pats 8/13. Take that with the Cowboys 10 penalties for -77 yards...

On those third and fourth down situations, Brady makes it happen in the clutch. Romo... sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Two interceptions, two fumbles, and three sacks... but 'boys offense still couldn't make it happen.

The next two weeks are really going to be interesting.

Since the Pats are on a bye week (but I think they're going to spank the Steelers in two weeks) I'm thinking:
Chargers over Jets:

I think this is a no brainer. Top ten rushing AND passing offense of the Chargers, against a bottom five rushing defense on the Jets (good pass defense though). On the other side, the Jets are a bottom ten passing and rushing offense (31st in rushing) vs. the second best pass defense (only mediocre on rush defense though).

Chicago vs. Tampa Bay:

Honestly I'm having a hard time calling that... maybe a slight edge to Tampa Bay because their offense is better.. but something gut level says Chicago.

Skins over Panthers:

Two mediocre teams (Carolina isn't as bad as their record suggests. They've got a solid offense, but a crap run defense); but Washington has a little less negative and a little more positive.

Detroit over Atlanta:

Not even a question. Detroit is just playing better than Atlanta by far (even after Sundays RIDICULOUS loss to one of the worst teams in football).

Cleveland over Seattle:

On the pure numbers they're almost even... But I think Cleveland has a small edge on offense, and Seattle has a crap pass defense.

Denver over Miami:

Shit vs. Shit, but Miami is stinkier shit.

Houston over Tennessee:

I realize that Tennessee is technically ranked over Houston, but I think Houston is the better team (barely). Tennessee has NO rush at all; while Houston is decent on both the pass and the run. Tennessee has a solid defense though.

Oakland over KC:

Two good rushing teams with crap pass offense and mediocre defenses... It's going to come down to morale, and it's a hell of a lot harder to play in Raider nation; and that Oakland has better run blocking.

Pittsburgh over Arizona:

Not even a question. Good team vs. crap team. Best defense in the NFL vs. crap offense. Solid offense vs. mediocre defense. Not even a question.

Green bay over Minnesota: Great team vs. Crap team.

This one isn't even a question either. Though Green Bay is a weird team. Spectacular passing record, great run defense; but they have no rush, and the worst pass rush in the league. Minnesota on the other hand has no passing at all (second worst in the league), but a great running game, and a great run defense. Unfortunately, they have one of the worst pass defenses, against one of the best passing teams.

Dallas over St. Louis:

Yeah... St. Louis is quite possibly the worst team in football, Dallas is... not. I'm not going to say they're great, but they did almost take the Pats, and their three losses this season have all been by less than a toughdown.

New Orleans over Indy:

Uh... yeah, not even gonna bother explaining this one.

Baltimore over Jacksonville:

Again, one of the best teams, vs. one of the worst teams. There's nothing particularly outstanding about Baltimore, but they do everything pretty well, and don't do anything particularly badly. They've got a top ten defense, a top half offense... one of the best run defenses in the game. J'ville on the other hand doesn't do anything well but run (worst passing game in football this year).