Monday, May 22, 2006

Limited Connectivity

So I'm siting here at my new job, trying to look busy; because they havent prepared my network connectivity yet. No badge or parking either (that was fun)... but I'm not exactly surprised.

These guys are one of the largest corporations in the US, and with size comes complexity and inefficiency (witness, they initially started hiring me six weeks ago, and it took til today to get it done).

I do have a new laptop waiting, that I can't log into.

I'm writing this from my personal laptop, which of course can't connect to the internal network; so I'm using my cell data network... or rather I was TRYING to, but for some reason I couldnt get my GPRS data service to work, so I'm stuck on cell phone dialup.

Oh joy.

Anyway, 20 minutes to login, check my email, write this post, and log off.

The theory is that by wednesday I''ll have net access and a badge.

I'll report this evening on the rest of the first day.