Monday, May 01, 2006

How exactly did the commies steal May Day?

Today is May First, May Day as it were, and by some folks calendars this is "International Workers Day" or some other such shite.

See the Chicago Haymarket riots occurred on this day in 1886, and ever since then commie trade-unionists, including the entire soviet union (who made it one of their major holidays), have claimed it as their own.

Fuck You Commies.

This day is Bealtaine, a joyous celebration of life, fertility, and birth.

Yes folks, May Day is all about the nookie. Hell one of the traditional celebrations of may day involves dancing around a giant symbolic cock, wrapping it with ribbons, drinking heavily, and then going off and screwing like mad (funny how those things coincide isn't it).

Personally, I'd much rather celebrate a good rogering and a swelling belly than memorialize a bunch of commies starting a riot and then killing millions over the next 120 years.

So I say:


Update: Damn, I think I've had about as much celebratin as one man can stand... or sit, or lie down for that matter!