Friday, May 19, 2006


I just got this comment on my old post "Gothier than thou":

"Fuck you asshole, my satanic covent is gonna target you from now on. Enjoy the bad luck YOU FAT SHIT"

Gothchild 666 | 05.19.06 - 2:18 pm
Wow, an insecure whiny gothbitch with delusions of adequacy. I am truly amazed at seeing one in the wild for they are so rare and precious.

Satanic coven eh, I say "Bring on the naked sacrifices, bitch boy", cuz if you're friends with satan; I'm scheduled to be his replacement in a coupla years. Heaven doesn't want me and hells afraid I'mna take over.

Well I guess he has some true powers. He is clearly guilty of consorting with Satan in the practice of the dark art of necromancy, resurrecting that thread from the dead.




Oh shit I just can't stop laughing.

UPDATE: Thanks to Justin Buist for the pic