Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So ummm... AAARGH!!!

I reported a few days back that my job was 'sposed to start on Monday... only by friday they weren't ready for me and hadnt finished my paperwork... which I had turned in two weeks before.

Ok so we schedule for Wednesday.

Only my backround check didn't clear til today for some reason so we were looking at Thursday.

Only my new employers IT and office admins hadnt set up my office, computer, or accounts yet. Even better there isn't anyone from my new group in the state right now, 'cept me of course.

They MAY be ready for Friday, but more likely Monday. This is for a job I was initially offered ALMOST A MONTH AGO; and in the mean time I'm losing a couple grand out of my pocket.

That being a couple grand which I NEED.

But hey, Monday anyway. Now I just need to make up the difference between my incoming and outgoing in the next two weeks.

Again AARGH, but it's looking up.