Thursday, May 04, 2006

Where's My Earth Shattering Kaboom!

Well, unfortunately, it was in my hand this past Saturday.

Yes folks, I've had my very own Kaboom!; and it wasn't even with a Glock, it was with this:

A .22 pen gun (yep, it's an AOW. PITA to get, replace, fix etc... but at least its only a $5 stamp). You can see the case that did the deed on the bottom right there, but take a closer look:

I was firing it with my right hand fully wrapped around it, and my left hand supporting, when the case head separated. It burst through the trigger mechanism and pushed the triger rather firmly into my hand, as well as giving me what would have been a third degree burn if I didn't have a huge guitar players/shooters callous on my thumb. It DID managge to give me a pretty bad bruise, and blood blisters on both thumbs, as well as embed a very small piece of brass in my cheek.

This folks is why you ALWAYS wear safety glasses. No exceptions EVER.

I'm thankful it wasn't all that bad, after all my whole hand was wrapped around the gun when it blew, and it could have been a lot worse. Also thank god it was only a .22. The pengun of course is a total loss. I'mna send it back to the manufcaturer to see if they can figure out why it blew; but I really dont need the hassle of dealing with the ATF for six months to get a replacement. It LOOKS like a piece of grit or smmat was preventing the chamber from fully screwing down into battery, but it FELT and looked correct, so there was too much unsupported brass and !Kaboom!

Anyway, when the sucker blew I knew it was time to pack up for the day; and I really wasn't in the mood to shoot the next morning. Actually my whole hand was pretty sore for a couple of days; but now it's just my thumbs, and thats mostly because of the blood blisters. Unfortunately due to said extra thick calluses, those blood blisters are deep, and I'd need surgery to get them out; so I'mna have three little black reminders of this incident under my skin for a while (something like two years if I remember my biology classes).

Verdict? I NEVER want that to happen again.