Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A strange coincidence

So I'm sitting here at work, and an emailo comes in from someone in Ireland.

Just happens to be an ex-girlfriend who I havent seen or spoken to since I moved back to the U.S. ... wait, I think I talked to her once a few months after I came back...

She just sent me a funny link of someone overclocking a PC to 5 ghz using liquid nitrogen. No letter or anything, just the link.

Then, a few hours later Mel gets a call at home looking for me from ... an ex girlfriend who I havent spoken to or seen since either late '96 or early '97 I can't remember which.

She just wanted to see how life was treating me, and tell me about her three little girls (5, 3, and almost 2).

Mel says it's because I'm giving out the "Married Vibe" and now all my exes are going to want me again or some such (I've seen it happen, it actually is true).

I'm just hoping my ex wife doesn't know my phone number at this point...

This is to go with the OTHER strange coincidence which happened yesterday. I get a phone call from someone inside my new company who says "If I mentioned the AnarchAangel, would that mean anything to you?" so it turns out that he had seen my accounts being created and connected the name with the site; and he's a reader.

Hey Dave, looks like I'll be at your facility after all; at least for a few months 'til they finish the renovations over here.

What more does the week have in store for me???

UPDATE: HOLY SHIT.... feeling paranoid, I decided to look up my ex wifes current life situation. Apparently she now lives like 30 MILES FROM HERE!!!!

Last I heard she was off in Canada somewhere...

Jesus H. Christ....