Thursday, June 15, 2006

Still sittin on my ass

So there's STILL a paperwork problem, and so far I'm out 5 days pay.

This is not an insignificant amount of money; especially since it was rather critically needed. I mean, we're going to be all right; it just means that I'll be getting a half paycheck again instead of the full paycheck we had budgeted for.

My contract company has agreed to make up the difference in overtime once I get back to work (i.e. they'll pay me overtime for hours I didn't work to compensate for the lost week), which is great, but it still leaves me screwed on this paycheck.

Well, not screwed. We didn't just go out and spend every dime of the first check, we paid bills and bought all the food we need for a while etc... but I had planned on starting to pay back the people I owe, and now that's getting put off.

Also I made a couple of luxury purchases; the entirety of the Sopranos on DVD (I already had season 4 so it was $200), and some books that I'd been waiting to buy for about $150 but otherwise we haven't gone wild. Mostly we've just bought some of the stuff that we put off since we moved in to the house in February.

Of course those things amounted to $1700...

Anyway Of the 88 possible paid hours this period, I'm getting paid for 48 of them, which will give me a check a bit smaller than last periods. Our bills are covered, our food and gas are covered etc... We aren't in any trouble with this one.

It's just disappointing because I was hoping to be dug out of the hole the last few months put me in with my second paycheck; and be able to actually start getting ahead with the third one.

Instead we're going to be keeping even with the second check, digging out with the third, and only getting ahead with the fourth.

I really shouldn't be bitching, I'm in a hell of a lot better position than a lot of folks are; I'm just tired of the universe deciding to screw with me just for the hell of it is all.

UPDATE: 9:10 am, and I'm finally cleared. So it's back to work I go, thank frikken god.