Thursday, June 15, 2006

Creeping up on 500,000

Well actually I just passed 450,000 unique visits a few days ago; and at this rate I'll hit 500,000 around the end of next month.

Of that, a little less than 250,000 is in the last 12 months; since my blog really became popular.

I had 150,000 hits on my old site in a total of 10 YEARS. Once I started the blog, it took me five months to get 50,000 hits, two more months to hit 100,000 and in the 9 months since, I've managed another 200,000 more.

So the growth has slowed, but I'm still edging up. In the last two months I'm up to aronud 800-900 unique daily visitors (multiple visits from the same workstation don't get counted unless it's from a different IP, or hours apart) after a long plateau of around 700 visitors a day for months.

Also it used to be my gun blogging got the most traffic, but lately it seems my life and political blogging are seeing more; even though I've been blogging a bit less.

So what's to come?

Well I'm going to do more gun blogging, because I've been slacking off on it lately. Also more geek blogging. Both will be proportional to the funds that are becoming available for the activities which inspire the blogging.

Also I'm pushing Mel to write more. If you want to see more from her let her know; she's being stubborn.

We're coming into mid-term season so I think you can guarantee a lot more poli-blogging as well; as the stupidity of the moment enrages and infuraiates me to the point where I need a non-felonious outlet for my agressions.

Oh and since I AM working now, there will be workblogging and life bloging as usual; but you may be seeing more stuff late in the day from me instead of in the middle.

Anyway, thanks all for reading. As long as you keep coming, I'll keep building it.

Actually I'd write whether anyone read me or not, but since y'all seem to like it... bonus.