Thursday, June 29, 2006

Congrats and baby envy

From Mel:

So today I just found out that a friend of mine (and frequent reader of the blog) is on bedrest due to her pregnancy. She's in Hawaii and we don't email much, so I knew she was pregnant, but I didn't know this little snippet.

She's pregnant with twins.

I've known her for 6 years, and her husband longer, so I know how long they've been waiting for these babies. They've been trying to have kids for years but without much luck. So this is a miracle to them and I'm happy to hear she's 5 months along and doing well.

I have such incredible baby envy it's not even funny.

Baby envy: n. the distinct emotion engendered by the sight of any child under 4 or pregnant woman. Manifests as the uncontrollable urge to copulate and ovulate.

Chris finds my baby envy funny in most circumstances, as I get that wistful look and become hornier than all hell. Yes, we've agreed that we need to wait until after the church wedding and after Shai enters Kindergarten, but I want a baby NOW. Fortunately it's the logical, sane side of me that takes my birth control every day.

But anyway, I'm glad my friend and her husband are expecting as they'll make great parents. They're moving back to AZ soon so I look forward to seeing them and the kids.

In the meantime I hope and pray that the pregnancy goes well and these two little guys enter into the world happy and healthy. So congratulations to her and her husband, and all the best wishes.

And for all of you that love baby pictures:


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