Thursday, June 08, 2006

Twiddling my thumbs, but on an up note...

So I'm sitting at home twiddling my thumbs, because of a paperwork error.

Yasee prior to starting with my new employer, I was required to submit to a very thorough background check.

This background check was nearly to the level of a basic security clearance, in as much as they actually called and interviewed people close to me etc...

However, due to administrative requirements for the company I'm working with, there is also a SECOND background check, consisting of nothing more than a computer records check. Because of the beurocratic mentality, the second cannot be waived by the first.

Anyway, for some reason the seocnd wasn't done. The paperwork was still with the VP responsible for this project, who was fired a couple days ago. They only discovered the lack of the second check then.

Now I've been onsite for three weeks already, and they call me up and tell me I can't work until the second check comes back.

Which SHOULD be by next tuesday. Of course they've screwed everything else up...

Thus, a four (or more) day unpaid vacation. That's a couple grand less in my pocket next paycheck.

The god news though?

Thank you president Bush, and the republican congress for the tax cuts which I am about to recieve (the benefit of). My taxes are much lower than I'd estimated, so I'll actually be taking home almsot as much as I thought I was going to BEFORE missing those four days of work.

Actually I'll be taking home about $15k more than I'd estimated this year because of it.