Thursday, June 01, 2006

Some Assembly Required

So as I reported a few months back, my younger brother got drunk on his birthday, and wrecked my mothers car . At this time he was DUI, driving without a license, violating his probation, and had three warrants for failure to appear. He was fairly badly injured in the accident; and then arrested for the above mentioned offenses.

Well he went to his preliminary hearing and they decided not to charge him with DUI, but he still had the probation violation, and driving without a license/driving uninsured over his head, PLUS the other warrants.

We were all pretty much sure that he was going to get 90 days minimum, including the lawyer, and could end up with a two year sentence, doing 9 months of it (because he violated probation on a suspended sentence).

Well, his second hearing was two weeks ago, and he got off with 3 years UNSUPERVISED PROBATION, and NO FINE.


The state of Arizona pretty much told him it was OK to do what he did.

THe only good news there was that because he wasnt charged with DUI, the insurance SHOULD pay off on the car.

In the mean time, my mother has no way of getting to doctors appointments etc...

Anyway, I'm a few hundred short for the end of the month bills, but I get paid next week, (and with the paycheck after that -the first full check I've had since the first week of February we'll be good to go) so I called my mom up to ask if she could float me a few hundred until then.

Well, she said she didnt have ANY cash right then, because Rob had jsut gone out and bought them a car.

Needless to say I was somewhat surprised. The insurance company still hasn't paid out, and they may still deny the claim, and here she is spending money she doesnt have on a CAR.

Ok ... I can see this. Aafter all she needs to get to the hospital and all.

So what does he buy?

A BMW she says.


Ok, don't get angry, maybe he bought a used X5, thats a great SUV and....

NO, its a fucking 318i sport. yes folks, a two door sports sedan.

The little piece of shit takes my mothers last frikken dime and buys himself, the one who wrecked her other car, A CAR SHE CAN'T EVEN GET INTO.

$6200 for a '96 320i with 60,000 miles. All around it's a good deal actually, and a great car; but my mom needs an SUV. Something she doesn't have to bend or fold to get into, and something where she can be loaded flat into the back if necessary. Not only that, but it took all her ready cash, and the insurance hasnt paid out yet, if it even will pay out.

... and that worthless useless piece of scum fucking trash buys a god damned sports car; so he can look good while illegally driving with his drug dealer friends.

A bullet in the head is too good for him.