Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ummm OW!

God damn it... this frikken sucks.

So I'm making a beautiful roast marinated honey vinegar glazed pork loin, with seasoned rice and a sour butter peppercorn sauce; which requires a fair bit of aluminum foil (I roast the pork in the foil).

Said foil ends up in the garbage, and while my back is turned, Mac (the dog) decides it is his DUTY to get the last of any possible tasty bits from said foil.

Of course this results in him shredding the foil, getting it caught in his teeth, and in his throat. A very not good situation.

Now normally Mac is very well tempered, but the combination of messin with his food, and the irritation of the foil made him snappy.

Snappy being a complete close of his mouth on my thumb.

8 nice clean puncture wounds on my right thumb, and a torn and separated nail on my left hand.

My right thumb is now throughly swaddled. No blood vessels hit, no tearing, just the forementioned, and quite painful, puncture wounds.

Theres no swelling, no subcutaneous edema, no blood vessel damage.. I'm probably going to lose the separated nail, theres a fair bit of bleeding in the nail bed.

I looked at it, saw it was clean and had no real damage, and I've got an up to date booster; so I'm not gonna bother with the ER. If I get any swelling, or improper healing I'll hit the docs, but I've had punture wounds (including bite wounds) before; and I've been trained for this as well as any ER doc. All they're going to do is clean it up (done that), disinfect it (again done), slather it with ointment, and then gauze it up. Then I'll get some not very useful antibiotics (precautionary anti-biotics are one of the worst ideas in modern medicine) and a big bill for pretty much nothing.

The dog is... I dont know what the right term is. Mac is VERY much a pack animal, and he has an extremely strong snese of place. I am his alpha, and I make sure he knows it. Right now he's the doggy equivalent of mortified because he's hurt me. He's making submission gestures all over the place ETC... He's showing signs of being afraid I'll kill him or kick him out of the pack.

For those of you who try and interpret dog behavior as a human, I got news for you. Dogs are about thiiiiiiiiiis far from wolves, and EVERYTHING they do is about pack behavior (assuming they are properly socialized anyway). He knows he's in deep shit.

Plus he's got the aluminum foil to deal with. That should be kinda funny cleaning it up in the morning.

In the mean time I've got an imobilized, and painful right thumb, and the same for one of my left fingers; which is jsut great fun considering my job consists primarily of tallking on the phone and typing.

Oh and the pork loin? EXCELENT. Not quite perfect, but damn close. I need some naranja agria for next time.