Friday, June 09, 2006

John OC in major car acccident after forum meetup lunch

First things first, John is OK, but his car is probably totalled.

Mel, myself, our good friend and regular commenter JohnOC, reader and frequent commenter CerbralFix, and his brother in law, all met up today in north Scottsdale for lunch; while CF and company waited for a third member of their party going to a training class up in Prescott (Gabe Suarezes AK combat class —review forthcoming from CF).

We had just finished lunch, and John was taking them over to see the Scottsdale gun club; when a woman in a lexus pulled out directly in front of him without looking.

John made what would have been a successful avoidance maneuver, but the woman in the lexus saw that she was about to cause an accident, and rather than continue moving out of the way, she slammed on her brakes. John attempted to correct for this but when the woman saw she was still in the way she hit the gas making the situation worse yet again. John hit her side on, quartering; making a nice lexus wheel impression right in the middle of his grill, and stoving in his front end quite thoroughly.

Thankfully john wasn’t seriously hurt, just bumping his head on the headliner of the car, and hurting his wrist and forarm when the steering wheel caught his watch. Neither of the two women occupying the lexus were hurt. Neither airbag deployed, and all were wearing seatbelts.

CF and his brother in law helped us unload johns car, and Mel took John home while CF and I dropped the cargo back at our place. John is resting at home, OK, and waiting on the verdict from the estimator and his insurance company.