Thursday, October 19, 2006

Taking the Range With You

So, I need some shooting stuff as well. First thing, I need a portable shooting bench. Either something commercial, or something that I can easily build without welding (I have all the normal power tools but no welder right now.

Important to me are stability, versatility, portability and packability with an SUV, comfort for a guy my size, and value at a reasonable cost (under $200 would be appreciated).

I'm also looking for some target stands, clangers, and other portable, easily visible, easily resettable reactive targets that won't cost me a fortune, or require a huge amount of cleanup.

I've tried dozens of different types of target stands, and I've never found any that I particularly like. Generally, what I do, is either take some metal garden stakes, and cardboard or chicken wire; or staple some cardboard to wooden garden stake; mostly because they're so cheap I don't care if they're sturdy or last long.

Besides, you can really easily hang clay birds off of garden stakes, and they make great reactive targets.

Anyway, what I'm looking for here is basically portable range setups for shooting out in the desert; with an eye towards durability, and value.