Sunday, October 15, 2006

Unbearable Cuteness of Being

Yes folks, we've entered Kitten country.

This past Christmas, we promised the girls that we'd get kittens as soon as we were settled.. Well we're pretty settled in the new place after 8 months, and besides Mel is feeling the need for babies around, and we can't afford the human kind yet so...

Yeah, I know I'm just a big softie. So sue me. I am SOOOO not a catblogger. Besides, it's not friday.

Mac has been introduced to them, and he's cool without, though they are definitely not sure what to make of him. They WERE birthed and weaned in a house with dogs, so all should be well there.

Oh, and the girls don't know yet. They're coming back from Grandmas as I write this, and I eagerly await their shreiks of delight.

Now, what to name them.... we're open to suggestions. You should know, they are both females from the same litter. I've been trying to think of a pair of literary twin sisters, or even sisters that I like, and lots of names pop up, but I'm jsut not sure.