Sunday, October 01, 2006

WooHoo, only 115-135 more to go

Down to 400.2 this morning, and still retaining a TON of water (about 8lbs).

So, 15lbs in three weeks, and Chris is a relatively happy boy. It is kind of odd though that I've been losing on even numbers. Or maybe not since I'm eating relatively even numbers of calories, and drinking relatively even numbers on water.

An aside for those of you who don't understand how one can "gain" or "lose" 8lbs overnight. I drink a minimum of 128oz per day total fluid consumption, sometimes as much as 256oz in just water, plus coffee and soda. Yes that's 16lbs of water. Typically I'll drink 64-128 oz of straight (actually electrolyte fortified - straight water can dehydrate you if you drink too much) water when I'm not excercising, and up to 256oz when I'm excercising. I'll also have from 16-64oz of coffee, and 32-64 oz of diet soda; though on a day when I'm drinking over a gallon of water, there's usually less or no soda.

So at a minimum I'm drinking 8 lbs of water a day, I'm averaging somewhere around 12-16lbs, and sometimes I'll drink as much as 24lbs of water a day. In the desert, my body may be using up as much as ALL of that water, or as little as 4lbs of it. Thus, my day to day reading on the scale may vary as much as 20lbs just from water; though more usual would be 4-8 lbs.

Oh and if that sounds like an awful lot of water, it is; but not to someone my size. I have next to me, pretty much 24/7, a 34oz nalgene bottle. I go through AT LEAST 4 of them a day, plus everything else I drink during the day; and there's over a gallon right there. If I'm really thirsty I might go through 8 of them in a day.

It's 11:30 am, I've been awake since 7:30; and I've gone through one full bottle already, plus 24 oz of coffee, and 36 oz of diet soda. Oh, and I'm thirsty as hell; and just downed downed another 34oz bottle in between typing the last sentence, and this one. That's 128oz in about 4 hours.

We have a water delivery service, where we get as much water as we can drink delivered. in 21 days, we go through 50 gallons of water, or a little less than 2.5 gallons per day. My wife drinks at most 1 gallon of that (I pretty much have to force her to drink more water every day), and my kids at most 1 quart; the rest is me. We've gone through a whole bottle in a day before.

For those of you thinking "Hmm, overweight, always thristy, I know what that means", why do you think I switched to diet soda, and artificial sweetners? I'm not diabetic, but there's a history of it in my family, and I'm very worried about it.

No, not diabetic, just thirsty.