Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gunblogger Status Report

Well, we got in OK last night, and met (or met again) everybody; which was great. We went and had a truly excellent prime rib dinner with Joe Huffman, which I topped off with Bananas Foster (Joe was much more reasonable in his food choices).

It didnt seem like that long, but Joe and I pretty much spent 2 hours talking about guns, explosives, and civil rights issues (we've both been screwed over on first and second amendment issues) while JohnOC and Mel looked on in tolerant amusement; then back up to the hospitality room for jawing with the rest of the guys.

Actually not ENTIRELY guys, several of us have brought our wives; but I dont think any distaff gunbloggers have showed up.

Anyway, we woke up to these views, not bad:

Those are from are perfectly nice room, with a WAAAAY too soft bed. Oh and MAN I never noticed how bad the barrel distortion was on my point and shoot.

Now, it's off to the range for boomsticky goodness.