Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lo how the mighty have fallen

So, someone on the NoR brings up "Big" gun collections, saying he doesn't know anyoen with more than about 10 or 15 guns... at which point those of us with a couple dozen mention to him that we know folks with hundreds.

Now I dont consider myself a serious gun collector by any stretch of the imagination. I buy guns for their utility, and their personal attraction and beauty; as well as their mechanical and engineering elegance. I DON'T buy guns because of their value or prsetige, and I definitely don't buy guns that I wont shoot.

Ok, if someone offered me a pre-war spencer, or an early henry for a steal, I'd buy it and not shoot it; but generally speaking I'm not buying for collector value.

To me, a gun should be shot until it can't shoot anymore.

Anyway, with that spoken, the state of my "collection" has fallen on some hard times of late.

Excluding some specific SHTF and emergency defense guns, which are stored and not part of the active collection; I was up to about 3 dozen at one point. As late as two years ago I was up to about 24 guns, and now I’m down to…

Oh lord this sucks…


1. Custom Springfield Champion
2. Custom S&W 625
3. Custom HK USP compact .45
4. Kahr K9
5. Ruger SP101
6. KelTec P3AT
7. Walther P22


1. Sporterized Springfield 1903a3
2. Hacked up SKS for truck gun duty
3. Marlin 880sq target .22


1. Custom Mossberg 500 Knoxx sidewinder conversion

In the next few months, we plan on buying a couple more handguns and another shottie

1. Kimber Ultra CDP II
2. S&W 340pd
3. S&W 640
4. Kel-Tec PF9
5. 20 ga youth model pump for my wife

Note, these are all carry or personal defense guns; which we are buying to round out the personal defense options.

In the last year and a half I had to sell

1. Ruger Super Redhawk in .454
2. S&W 386P (7 shot titanium .357)
3. S&W 686P (7 shot stainless .357)
4. Custom Sig p229 with accessories (night sights, 6 mags, pouches, holsters, laser, 2 barrels)
5. Custom Glock 19 with accessories (night sights, 6 mags, pouches, holsters)
6. Custom Glock 21 with accessories (night sights, 4 mags, pouches, holsters, laser)
7. Custom Glock 36 with accessories (night sights, 5 mags with extension, holster)
8. HK USP compact .45 with accessories (I had 2)
9. FN Police shotgun

The following were stolen:

1. Bushmaster super light carbine, with custom free floated forend, collapsible stock, and an EOTech
2. Custom varmint AR with 24” 1-1/8” stainless barrel, and a 6-18x56 millet
3. Smith Enterprises bush length, tactical match, enhanced battle rifle (M14 EBR) in an original E2 stock, with a 6-18x56 burris

The following gun blew up:

1. AOW .22 pen gun

I can’t believe that right now I only have one 1911, and three .45s total. I have no real .357s (the SP101 is a .38 gun as far as I’m concerned) no .45 colt or .454, no .44, and no 10mm.

Plus I’ve only got 1 .22 pistol, and one .22 rifle.

Worst of all though, since my 2 ARs and M14 were stolen, I have no real battle rifles, or assault carbines.

I SERIOUSLY need to rebuild my collection. We need more guns dammit.

I absolutely must acquire more 1911s, including the aforementioned ultra compact model, and a full 5” gun… plus maybe another commander or two. And there is just no excuse for not having a real medium or large frame .357. And no big boomer handgun either.... and no companion carbine for any of them.

Worse, no battle rifles or real Milsurps either… GACK, gotta fix that ASAP